Many people have asked "How can Moissanite be brighter than a diamond?" The real question is not how, but why.  

Moissanite's inherent brightness out shines many other precious stones including diamonds simply because the refractive index of the

Moissanite's properties are greater than diamonds and other precious stones. As you can see from the picture below refractive index

refers to the amount of light that travels through the stone and the speed and dispersion of that light.


moissanite brilliance

Both of these images show both scientific and physical research proving the magnificent properties and qualities that moissanites posses

moissanite refractive index

Looking at the image above you can see on the scale the incredible brightness and brilliance that moissanite shows compared to the most coveted precious stones on earth. Not only are Moissanites brighter and more dispersing with light, they are one of the most sought after precious stones because of their hardness properties that insure many lifetimes of sparkle and enjoyment passed on through the generations.

A final example of the amazing eternal properties that moissanites have is the level of light dispersion measure to exacting scientific standards in a controlled labortory.

Using a special machine, you can clearly see in the image below that the Moissanite out shines both a diamond and a CZ. The best test and most conclusive proof is to see it for yourself and discover what thousands of other customer have discovered.....that Moissanite truly is Eternally Brilliant and Beautiful tm.


moissanite light dispersion


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