about moissanite carat weights

about moissanite carat weights-example


The chart above shows Moissanite Loose Gemstones by shape and by the millimeter (mm) sizes that correspond to their respective diamond equivalent weights (D.E.W).

Many people who ask "what is moissanite" also ask how they figure out what size moissanite to buy that relates to a diamond carat weight of the same mm size.

By using the chart above you can get a very accurate estimate as to what your brilliant moissanite stone will look like in size as compared to a diamond.

As you can see from the picture of the scale and MM gauge the princess cut stone measures 8 mm, which puts it at the same exact 8 mm size as an approximate size 3.00 carat diamond, hence D.E.W. "Diamond Equivelent Weight".

The moissanite actual carat weight is slightly lighter then the diamond as shown on the scale.

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Chart source Charles & Colvard