Why Purchase Charles and Colvard Moissanite?


What is moissanite you ask? Where does it come from? How is moissanite made? Who is Charles and Colvard?  These like others are many of the hundreds of questions asked each day by customers around the world. The phones ring constantly with people calling to speak with us about this incredible gemstone.

One of the biggest questions we get is "will it look as good as a diamond?" . Once our customers read the informational pages about Moissanite and its incredible brilliant properties, they cant wait to see it themselves scintillate in bright light.

We had a customer recently that once she received her 3 carat princess cut moissanite engagement ring, she emailed us and told us how her finance' looked at the ring and she said "My fiance' thinks it's even prettier than a diamond :)" This is just one of the many comments people say about moissanite created exclusively by Charles and Colvard.

Charles and Colvard is the inventor and exclusive manufacturer (patented) of Moissanite, and only stones accompanied by an official Charles & Colvard certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee are assured to be real precious Moissanite gemstones.

We only purchase directly from Charles and Colvards distribution source here in the US and therefore you can be assured that each moissanite stone, & jewelry item, or engagement ring will be accompanied by the official Charles & Colvard certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee card that allows the purchaser to register their precious Moissanite jewelry or stone right on Charles and Colvards main corporate website. By registering your moissanite with Charles and Colvard, you are insuring a lifetime guarantee of the luxurious Moissanite gemstone or designed moissanite jewelry.

Here are some very informational links to help you in your quest to discover what many other have already found out, that Moissanite from Charles and Colvard will always remain

"Eternally Brilliant and Beautiful"TM


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charles and colvard moissanite guarantee


charles and colvard moissanite guarantee








If you would like to speak with us directly about any questions you have regarding Moissanite please call one of our personal Moissanite Jewelry Experts at 800-527-3015 or drop us an email at or simply click here for our contact form Contact Us.